Healthy living
starts from within!

Healthy living
starts from within!

Holistic Counselor

Types of

We offer the following types of consultations:

  • Health consultation for all ages using ETA-Scan bio-feedback monitor as screening method.
  • Scanning can be done both in person or as a remote scan.
  • Preparation for conception.

What to expect during
a Consultation

  • Discussing main complaints and history of client.
  • Bio-Feedback screening using the ETA- scan.
  • Bio-Resonance therapy if needed.
  • Recommended lifestyle changes.
  • Recommended supplementation.

What is an

What is an ETA Scan with Sister Jackie van Ellinckhuyzen

The ETA-Scan is a BioResonance Feedback Therapy (BFRT) machine. BFRT it is a diagnostic and therapeutic method of alternative medicine. BFRT uses technology that detects and reads ultra fine electromagnetic vibrations produced by every cell,organ,gland and system in the body.

The ETA-Scan , scans the frequencies within the body comparing the data to pre-programmed frequencies of an optimal healthy body and organs. Any imbalances , the location thereof and the extent of the deviation from the optimum are identified.

The ETA-Scan separates vibrations associated with illness from the body’s natural frequencies.

Almost any condition can benefit from BRFT. It is non-invasive, painless and safe to use at any age.

When we do a remote scan for the first time we will need a hair sample so that we can accurately use the ETA-Scan.

How does remote bio-feedback work?

When an individual is born the have a very specific energy about them, which makes them truly distinct in the quantum world. Similar to dialling up a friend on a mobile phone, quantum feedback devices are able to “dial” into a specific individual at any time with their permission.